Effective Smart Home Device Control

๐ŸŒ  My new favorite inexpensive component in the Home Assistant system

Supratim Samanta
5 min readJun 6, 2023


This is for the ones running Home Assistant in your home and trying to find a more convenient way to control your system.

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I have always been amazed by the Home Assistant project. When it comes to home automation, there is literally no competition to it. There are infinite ways of adding every type of device, provided it exposes some API or some sort. There are already thousands of connectors available in the platform marketplace which are stable and maintained regularly. All these connectors allow from the temperature sensor to full-fledged energy monitors to Home Assistant.

As it is evident, I also have added a lot of devices to my setup, thanks to the Tuya IoT platform, which helps me to add very cheap devices available on Amazon or in Aliexpress to my Home Assistant setup. I do not have to purchase fancy expensive devices to control lights or plugs.

Today I want to discuss a specific device by which using these devices has become a breeze. It has helped me control my home automation devices without a phone or without yelling Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant.

The pain of controlling smart home devices

To be very frank, using the phone always to control the smart home components is a pain. Yeah you can see all of the statuses of all the devices in fancy dashboards, but when it comes to using them, we have these ways:

  • Using phone manually
  • Using smart assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Alexa
  • Using Apple Watch or Android Watch, if you have them
  • Using custom smart home dashboards

All of these ways are cumbersome.

  • With phones, you have to open the app, wait for it to load the App and find your view and then control it. Now if you are in a rush, it's really painful.
  • The smart assistants, most of the time will not understand what you are asking, and maybe most of the time mishear and control the wrong device.
  • Using watches is more convenient, but most of us do not have them and on top of it, weโ€ฆ



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