Using VIM Effectively

It’s time to Navigate effectively in Vim, a visual article

Supratim Samanta
6 min readSep 7, 2021


I have been using vim from early days of my career. I use it everywhere, from terminal, to IDEs and even browsers. As the days have gone by, I have realized, my Vim knowledge is very limited, when it comes to using it productively. I know a lot of things, but I stumble upon a lot of basic things, like copy, paste, replace, move to line etc, for which Vim is build to be good at.

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I will give an example. How do you select a sentence inside a “ ”. For a long time, I have not realized, it’s just : c + i + “.

The fact is, I never really cared enough to learn the tool properly amidst the convenience of having a mouse or a trackpad.

But in recent days, I have restricted my urge to use the mouse in order to use the Vim properly when navigating in a text.

I have found pure bliss…

In this post I will take scenario by scenario and show, how I use Vim productively everywhere.

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